The results are in!

Remember that contest I posted last week: to come up with a [project idea]-a- day for me to do for the coming year -- my 47th trip around the sun? Well, to be honest, the participation level for this last contest was low, but the quality more than compensated for it -- very impressive! Thanks to Bob, Kristen, Carol, Robin, Luan, and Deidre for your thoughtful ideas. Tough choice, but I've decided to go with Luan's idea: A - COLOR - A - WEEK

Love that! I plan to feature one luscious color in a weekly post, and attempt to have a week's-worth of photos to showcase it. This will also help me with the Colored Pencil Project I'm participating in (but far behind in my submissions). Look for the first installation this Wednesday!

So... the two prizes go to: 1) Luan for the winning idea, and 2) Carol, whose name I chose out of a hat (actually a bowl). Congrats, folks -- I'll deliver those cards to you soon!

And for the rest of you, I'll dream up another contest before too long...