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In 2016, Fred Finch Youth Center in Oakland, CA initiated an annual award celebration. Its purpose is to recognize a community leader who has positively impacted the region’s children and families. I had created several mosaic murals on their campus and was honored when FFYC’s president approached me about creating an art piece to be the award. Each year. Because they didn’t want to give out a generic etched plaque that would surely end up in a box in the attic gathering dust.

Because their organization values art and people.

It’s been a creative highlight of my year ever since. I love being their personal, customized-award-maker. (You can see some of the awards in the photos below.)

I've designed hundreds of other art pieces as well, for home and garden, for public spaces, and to be given as gifts. Whether yours is a set of mosaic stepping stones for your newly planted garden, a found-object sculpture made from your collection of old hardware, or a collage of memories of a loved one, I can help you bring your idea to life.

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