My Story

The Why and the What


 About Pam Consear, founder of All Hands Art:

I'm an artist and a writer. That sounds simple enough, but claiming those two titles has taken Herculean effort, believe me! (You can read more about the journey here.)

I created All Hands Art because I believe this:

  1. You are a creative being, by virtue of being human. All of your ancestors were makers. Despite what our culture tells you, you don't have to just watch and consume. You can make stuff.

  2. You'll be your healthiest, whole-est self when you make stuff regularly. There's a price to pay when you deny your creative impulses or lock them away inside you. They fester and turn into things like tears and anxiety and even cancer (read about mine here) and perhaps internet trolling (again, mine here).

  3. The rest of us humans need that thing you're going to make, so please share it with us. If you don't, who will? No one else's will be like yours—imperfections and all—so why not get started?

That's my simple recipe for healing the world: Make art. Share what you make. Oh, and do it with love.

So what does All Hands Art do?

We get art supplies in people's hands, and their hands on a canvas or mosaic project or some such thing. Our work is geared toward people who've shied away from art but remain curious about it. That's a whole lotta you folks!

And we write. I've wanted to be a writer for almost as long as I've wanted to be an artist. I write about my crazy, decades-long journey from closeted wannabe artist to public muralist; I share my stories of creative risk-taking, in hopes that it will inspire more of your own.

Let’s zoom out: Our lives are the greatest works of art we will ever produce. I constantly seek authenticity in the way I show up in the world, in where I focus my efforts and how I spend my time. Right now I’m most interested in LOVE and HEALING. What is it, what isn’t it, and how does it work at home, in the bedroom, on the job, and in politics?

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