What people are saying:

I don’t consider myself an ‘artist’ since I haven’t taken an actual art class since high school, but I had heard wonderful things about Pam’s style of teaching. I would definitely recommend Pam’s classes or get-togethers. Her studio is interesting and inviting and her teaching style laid back yet it inspires creativity. I am excited to see what else I can do (and I may even call some of it ‘art!’)!
— Julia Smith, Retired Professor, Portland, OR
[You, Pam, are]
1. Bursting with creativity, both original ideas and helping others transform a dream into reality.

2. Generous in sharing and empowering people (big and little) to make beauty, instilling confidence, communicating in a clear and upbeat way.

3. Fruition. Bringing things to completion. Rare for an artist. Fabulous in a public works artist!
— Dawn Hawk, Community Advocate & Grant Specialist, Berkeley, CA
[After attending several of your workshops] I have become more experimental and willing to move out of my comfort zone, feeling like anything can be a learning experience and everything can count toward practice. It’s more about the journey than the final product - and the final product can undergo further changes as well!
— Debi Stromberg, Youth Leader, Happy Valley, Or
You are good at putting others at ease by setting reasonable standards and goals around the project so those around you are not intimidated. . . You create a safe space for a positive working relationship that involves trust. . . by working ‘alongside’ others and ‘guiding’ instead of using what could become power and control in your leadership role.
— Connie Antonsen, Youth Development Educator, Victoria BC, Canada
Again thank you for your insight, time and patience with us all as we produced a family oak tree [playroom mural]. Dave and I love it and have shared it with friends and neighbors. We stand in the hallway and look at it then go into the playroom to look closer and just smile at our new ‘possession’. We will treasure it. Saturday night there were 3 grandkids sleeping under the tree.
— Carolyn Hendsch, Oakland, California