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 Make stuff. Share it.

Heal the World.

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Hello, you lovely creative being!

Our lives are our greatest, ever-unfolding works of art.
Whether wonky and unpolished, cool or clever,
all of it—the making and sharing—keeps us connected with ourselves and others.

It’s what we humans are built to do. Join me?

Art Parties

Grab a few friends and let's get making! We can host art parties, workshops, and team-building events, large and small, at your place or mine.

Design Collaboration

I treasure my partnership with Fred Finch Youth Center. Maybe it will inspire yours? So many possibilities when we work together.

Mural Coaching

We've led dozens of mosaic and painted mural projects. Now we'd like to pass the baton to you. Ready to gear up and learn how to facilitate?

Your surroundings affect your mood, your ideas, your enjoyment of everyday life. Let my artwork brighten your days and inspire your thoughts!

Shop here, or start a conversation about what you'd like me to make for you—or with you. I love creative collaborations, whether it's with one person, a family, or a team! We can use acrylic paint, canvas, paper, scrap board, mosaic, found objects, fabric, rusty hardware, toy parts, old books, or whatever is meaningful to you.

Whaddya say?

Buy Artwork

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"Don't ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

- Howard Thurman, theologian



I'm a self-education junkie, and I also love to teach. I've created how-to videos demonstrating mosaic basics, showing painting and collage techniques, and explaining why I love doodling so much. Check out my YouTube channel for some how-to, and my blog for more inspiration to keep doing it!

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