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Heal the World


I Believe:

1. As humans, we are inherently creative beings.
2. We can only become our healthiest, whole-est selves when we devote time and energy to creating.
3. We serve each other by sharing our art, in whatever form it might take.

The world needs what you (and only you!) have to offer. Here's how I can help:


art workshops

I've been a teacher since 1987. You could say it's in my DNA. What really lights me up these days is putting art supplies in your hands and coaxing your creative voice out of hibernation. (You know it's in there!)

team building

Sure, you could drop a bunch of dollars on go-karts, in the name of investing in your company's culture. OR you could offer your team something more lasting, productive, and soul-nurturing. 

design services

I love helping families and groups take their ideas from imagination to paper to reality. What creative projects have you been dreaming about? Let's get together and make it happen.

Your surroundings affect your mood, your ideas, your enjoyment of everyday life. Let my artwork brighten your days and inspire your thoughts!

Shop here, or start a conversation about what you'd like me to make for you—or with you. I love creative collaborations with families, businesses and community groups! We can use acrylic paint, canvas, paper, scrap board, mosaic, found objects, fabric, rusty hardware, toy parts, old books...

Buy Artwork

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Baby steps are the only form of transportation on the road to mastery.
Today is the perfect "someday" to begin your journey.



I'm a self-education junkie, and I also love to teach. I've created how-to videos demonstrating mosaic basics, showing painting and collage techniques, and explaining why I love doodling so much. Check out these videos for some how-to, and my blog for inspiration to go do it!


Your creative voice is valuable and legitimate, period.

What do you want to make?

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