Contest: Challenge me!

Tomorrow (Sept. 28) is my 46th birthday. Thanks for the well-wishes, but I'm actually fishing for something else. Here's the contest: Help me come up with a "_________-a-day" project for the coming year. Deadline: midnight Friday, Sept. 30, 2011.

It's not an original idea. I've been inspired by Lisa Congdon's "Collection a Day"(,

Noah Scalin's Skull-a-Day project (some of which are shown on his hide-and-seek style website:,

and other artists who have challenged themselves with such an undertaking.

Confession: I tried a Face-a Day project in January 2011 because I wanted to improve my face drawing skills. Sadly the project died after 16 entries.

But I'm ready to try again with your brilliant ideas and the public pronouncement of taking on this challenge! However I reserve the right to change it to a "47 ___________-in-my-47th year" format. Roughly one a week, giving myself a few weeks off. I'll decide later about the "daily" or "weekly". And by the way, you bring the ideas, but I get to choose which one to do. Because this is MY blog. :)


For your efforts you will be entered to win this set of 3 mosaic cards. Actually two sets -- one for each of two winners I will draw out of all the entries. (To learn about these cards, click here.)

Last month's contest (on Facebook) had only 8 entries and one winner, so let's double that number, ok? Remember, you don't have to DO the project, you only have to THINK OF the project and I do all the work. How great is that?

You can post your idea here or on my HandyGal Facebook page, linked in the right hand column.

Let's hear my assignments. Ready... go!