Week 8: Be CORAgeous

So I gave myself the week off last week. :) Hope everyone had a cozy Thanksgiving and got to eat pumpkin pie. This week's color is somewhat pumpkin pie-inspired, though ours was more brownish. Or it could be called Sweet Potato, my second-favorite dish behind pumpkin pie (but please don't add any more sweeteners to them -- they're perfectly sweet already!) It was also inspired by Clyde, our persimmon tree, which (young as he is) for the second year running has exactly 7 fruits, and they're nearly ripe. I chose to name this color Be CORAgeous, because of the very inspiring project I've taken on, involving a lion and a super-cute toddler named Cora, whom I've never met. You may have read about this in a recent post called "Wow, what an assignment" which can be found right here:


I completed, fired, and shipped the first batch of lions last week, and noticed that they coordinated perfectly with the color I'd already chosen for this next Color-a-Week installment. Enjoy!