Week 24: The Colorful Characters of Portable D

Today I'm wrapping up a Visiting Artist in the Classroom project at Bella Vista School, where I used to teach. My dear friend "Ms J" and her spirited group of first graders (did you catch that euphemism?) have been studying literature focused on small moments: those everyday, ordinary-yet-meaningful events that make up our family lives.

I've walked the kids through a series of drawing lessons: facial expressions...

looking at what different arm positions convey about a person's feelings, depicting bodies in action, then placing one or more characters in a setting.

Today they'll put it all together and illustrate their own "everyday" family story.

By the way, I know I take liberties in defining my Color-a-Week posts, but hey—it's my game so I get to set (and occasionally bend) the rules! :)

P.S. With class sizes in the 30's in many Oakland elementary schools, please take a moment to appreciate a teacher. Or offer them a massage.