Week 21: Middle School Mosaic Mural Magic

Ok, it wasn't done through magic, although those kids often wished it could be! "Isn't this mural finished YET??"

My ulterior motive in creating murals with kids is offering them the experience of process in our fast-paced, instant world. And then the satisfaction that comes from completing something that really took a long time and a lot of work!

So as promised last week, I now present to you the evolution of PEACE STARTS HERE, a 64-foot long and 5-foot high mosaic mural. I instigated, rustled up funding for, co-designed, and led the installation of this two-year project at Bret Harte Middle School, our neighborhood public school here in Oakland, CA. Approximately 8 adults and 100 sixth, seventh and eighth graders participated in various capacities over the two years. I declared this mural "finished" on March 8, 2012.

To see other public murals I've directed or co-directed in the past few years, check out the Murals section of my website:  http://www.handygaloakland.com/Site/Murals/Murals.html. Residential and smaller-scale mural projects can be found in the Project Portfolio section:  http://www.handygaloakland.com/Site/Project_Portfolio/Project_Portfolio.html