I Know You're Out There, and I'm Ready to Help!

Which one of these describes you:

You've got a growing collection, right??
You've got a growing collection, right??
  • You've been collecting pottery shards and broken tile pieces for years. The pile is growing in a corner of your garage...
  • You were jazzed to make your first mosaic stepping stone recently, and you've had your eye on that blank retaining wall in the backyard ever since...
  • Your school has a graffiti problem, and you're ready to organize a beautification project...
  • You're already a teacher/leader/motivator/do-it-yourselfer. Now you're looking for a way to up your game and really make a difference in your community.

Yeah, I had you pegged.

I know you because I was you. Now, thirty-plus murals and tile installations later, I've got a few helpful pointers to pass along, in the spirit of collaboration and information sharing. After all, my mission with All Hands Art is to engage a wide variety of folks in the joy of art-making, leave a trail of sparkling beauty in my wake, and reduce waste and environmental impact while I'm at it. My new project will help me accomplish all of that, while creating a ripple effect!

Want to join me?

I'll teach you everything from salvaging tiles to mixing grout!
I'll teach you everything from salvaging tiles to mixing grout!

I'm in the process of writing a Mosaic Mural Handbook (working title—not creative, but to the point!), specifically to help folks just like you do what you've been itching to do: make your first mosaic mural.

Using clear language I demystify the process, from finding a suitable wall, to collecting and organizing materials, to rustling up help, to finishing and celebrating your work.

Yes, you can!

Mosaic murals are satisfying on so many levels, including their accessibility as an art form. You do NOT need an art degree or even loads of mosaic experience to create a beautiful mural. If you're somewhat comfortable in the world of tile and ceramics, if you've watched someone mix up a little cement or mortar or grout before, if you occasionally doodle designs on paper, or if you're a bold adventurer who gets tired of waiting for "someday" to attack your bucket list, then you, my friend, can do this!

Wanted: Folks Looking for Free Mural-Making Advice

I've already drafted most of the chapters, and am currently seeking "beta readers." Those are volunteers who, in exchange for gaining loads of free and useful information, are willing to peruse part or all of the book and give feedback on the content, helpfulness, readability, thoroughness, clarity, structure, or anything else you think would be useful for me to know.

Interested in being a beta reader, or know someone who might be? Contact me by email: pam@allhandsart.com, share this post, or hop over to my Facebook page and say hey! Time is of the essence; I'm planning to send out the first set of chapters later this week.

And look for chunks and snippets of the book to be posted right here in the near future. It's all in the line of sparkling duty, and I can't wait to share it with you!