More than a decade of climbing on ladders near sidewalks.

After nearly 20 years as a classroom teacher, I shifted into public art and entrepreneurship. Since 2006 I've led (or co-led) the creation of 70 painted murals, mosaic murals, and painted tile installations. Most of these are located in Oakland, California, in public parks and on school grounds. Others are in backyards, bedrooms, bathrooms, barns, and basements. They're on shipping containers, in libraries, on garden fences, planters, and pathways.

Beyond Oakland, I've led projects in San Francisco, Berkeley, San Carlos, Stanford, San Jose, Los Altos, and San Diego, California, and also in Oregon, Wisconsin, and the Dominican Republic!

It has been my great honor to engage and instruct more than FOUR THOUSAND VOLUNTEERS in the creation of these murals. All but a handful of those folks were complete beginners when they arrived at the wall. Many were instructing other newcomers by the time they left.

I learned a TON along the way. Now I want to pass it on, in the form of written work, how-to videos and/or behind-the-scenes coaching.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more, or work with me on your project.