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Guidelines for Submitting Art

Yay—I'm so glad you landed on this page! Hooray for mustering the courage to put your creative voice out into the world. This little corner of the interwebs is a great place to start. I set up this little space in order to showcase YOUR work, whether you're an absolute beginner, or a more experienced experimenter. Making stuff is great, but sharing what you made with the rest of us is a brave act of generosity. It encourages other people to make stuff, and the goodness just keeps spreading.

We need to set some ground rules, though, to make this a safe and positive experience for all. (I'm open to feedback, too, since this open gallery is a creative experiment for me!)

Guidelines and Ground Rules

What to submit:
Any painting, sculpture, poem, essay, photograph, song, video, etc., created by you.

What size:
To make room for many voices, please keep yours brief. This means:

  • ONE photo of your creation, or
  • a written piece no longer than 500 words, or
  • a video or recording no longer than one minute

If your piece is bigger/longer than that, just send a sample of it, to give us the flavor.

What else to include:
Required: your first name and geographic location (as specific as you'd like to be). For example, "Maya from Sydney, Australia" or "Ricardo from Chicago" or "Anika from Germany."
Optional: a link to your website or Instagram page, etc.; a sentence or two about the materials, inspiration, background, etc.

How to submit it:
Email your file (.jpeg, .pdf, etc—I'll do my best to decipher it) to, using the subject line: I MADE THIS

Agreements for posting your work:
1. Be kind. We will not post work that degrades another creature. Remember, this is about healing, not venting. (So by all means, make that other art piece for yourself if you need to!)
2. By submitting your work, you agree that:
     a) You are the rightful owner/maker of the work, and are authorized to give permission to publish it.
     b) You do, indeed, give permission for All Hands Art to publish your submission on this here website.
     c) You are not being promised any increase in website traffic, human affection, fame, wealth, weight loss, x-ray vision, improved liver function, heightened intelligence, or new superpowers of any kind by Pam Consear or All Hands Art. (Healthy side effects are possible, however—just not promised.)
     d) You have a sense of humor, and are a willing participant in this creative experiment because you believe that more art = better world. 
     e) All Hands Art may send you email newsletters (including the link to the online gallery displaying your work) with soul-nourishing inspiration and art-related opportunities. (You may unsubscribe anytime.)

What else?
Collected works will be posted on the 1st and the 15th of each month. They will not expire or be deleted, but newer collections will appear first. You are encouraged to tell your friends. Buddy up and post work in the same collection! New bravery loves company. :)

Questions? Email