Delicious Creativity Nugget #1: You ARE creative... at something.

I want to bust a myth right off the bat: Creativity is not the same thing as artistic ability.

There are wildly creative people out there who lack artistic skill, and at the same time, there are artists who may draw or paint well, but... well... just aren't creative. (I know—I used to be one.) So let's start by separating those two ideas.

Let's also redefine creativity to mean "flexible thinking" and "problem-solving ability."

QUICK EXERCISE: Think of an area of your life where you're repeatedly called on to solve problems. Maybe you're the parent of a spirited child, and you constantly invent ways to redirect and manage their energy. Or you're the go-to person in your circle of friends, because of your empathy and fresh perspective. You're the PTA president who increased parent involvement with an innovative outreach campaign. You plan office antics that get people out of their cubicles. You process insurance claims with panache. What's your area of expertise, on the job or off?

HOMEWORK: Now that you've identified one of your creative realms, pay attention to yourself in action this week. What was a sticky issue that came up? What was your thinking process, and how did you get to a solution? Did it even feel like a "problem" or was it something you just did naturally? What "tools" did you use?

Feel free to post your response—the more trivial and mundane your area of brilliance, the better! :)

* * * * * * * * *

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