Pam Consear, founder of All Hands Art

Pam Consear, founder of All Hands Art

I'm Pam Consear, an artist, teacher, muralist and entrepreneur.

As a kid I spent hours and hours coloring carefully inside the lines of coloring books. I traced pictures that I liked, sort of pretending that I could draw them. I was attracted to art and writing, but in a predictable, unimaginative way. I didn't really know what else to do. Where did creative ideas come from? I was afraid I had no imagination.

Where I lost myself in "the zone" of creative pursuits was in my room late at night, placing and shifting and rearranging the toys and books on my shelves. And my bulletin boards! In high school I had an enormous bulletin board in my bedroom—maybe 4 x 6 feet?—that probably qualifies as my first collage surface. I'd stay up late at night putting this gymnast poster next to that -- no wait, let's move this here and put this ballet cartoon here, and -- oh, wait, let me try it with these photos this way and... on and on.

I wanted to be artistic, and arranging my collections was the only way I knew how.

Around age 36, I learned how to tap my deeper visual imagination. It was a long, gradual process that involved wrestling with fear and failure. Learning to listening to my ideas without embarrassment or excuses. Or rather, pushing past the embarrassment and the excuses. I still have to work at it every single day.

At age 42, I left my secure teaching job in order to make a career out of it. (I had to leave my marriage, too, but that's another story.) Yes, a career out of tapping my imagination AND failing repeatedly. And listening to my gut. Strangely, the leap I took was scarier to the people around me than it was to me. The universe propelled me in a certain direction, and I went. I really had no viable choice. To continue down the same "safe" path would have been soul-crushing, not to mention bad for my health.

It's a life lived outside the comfort zone. And yet there IS comfort in knowing that I've taken charge of my life. I own it, fully, for better or worse, and my creative voice is alive and well.

Now I want to help you take charge of your life. Claim it! Starting with your energy and your time. Do you carve out space in your life and and your home for making? (Making anything: music, furniture, collages, greeting cards to send to your friends, posters for the school fundraisers...)

Being creative is part of what defines us as humans. If you deny yourself a creative outlet, there's trouble down the road.

From art workshops to special project collaborations, I want to help you find peace and inspiration in your own life, every day.

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