heART SCHOOLed principal, Pam Consear: committed to helping bats and other mammals come out of their artistic caves. Spread your creative wings for the good of the world!


In a silent and peaceful power-grab, I've named myself Principal of this online institution I'm calling "heART SCHOOLed."

See what I did there in the title, embedding ART SCHOOL, along with the word heart, and then making it action-y by adding the "-ed"? That's because our world needs your heart (and soul) to be honored, coaxed out of hiding, and shared with us through your preferred creative medium.

And for that act of utter bravery, you should not be smacked down.

But it happens. And often, sadly, it happens in school. Like that time your sixth grade teacher said your painting of a dog looked like a chair, and then he wouldn't let you draw unicorns because they're "not real."

Or how about this true story of an art teacher who threatened to flunk her students if they used pink and orange together in a painting. So my creative rebel-friend did, of course. And got an "F."

I think that's pretty F'd, myself.

So together let's re-school your artsy heart for good.

At heART SCHOOLed there are no grades, no critiques, no tests (except for testing your courage: Will you dare to post your work?), and OF COURSE no rules against unicorns and using pink-and-orange-together.

Just a mash-up of my ideas and your ideas, in paintings, poems, parodies, and other art-forms that don't even have to start with the letter P. All in a quasi-school-ish format, because as a former  kindergarten teacher, I believe school can be fun and playful.

You are welcome here at heART SCHOOLed. There are no mean girls, and we will always save you a seat in the cafeteria.