Commissioned Artwork

It's easier than you think to co-create something you love.

"Commission" is a hoity-toity, aristocratic-sounding word, I know. But it's just what it says: a co-(shared) mission... to make you the piece of art you want! You don't have to be a bajillionaire to commission artwork with me, either. ;)

Maybe you've got a particular idea in mind: a splash of color for that wall above the couch, or a meaningful gift for an upcoming anniversary. Or maybe you're feeling experimental and want to ride along for the process, to see how a painting is made from start to finish. Your job is to think about what you want to see. Are you looking for specific colors? A particular mood or feeling? A certain medium—acrylic paint, collage, oil pastel, pencil, mosaic? Also consider your budget, and estimate the size of the artwork you're seeking.

Afraid that working with an artist will be scary and threatening? Have you heard that we're all aloof, cranky, and flaky? Think again! I thrive on clear communication and deadlines. I enjoy collecting your ideas and turning them into a project that's as fun for me to make as it is for you to receive.

Peruse the sampling that follows, and if you think we'd be a good fit, contact me to start the conversation. It's easier than you think!

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traveling gal half.JPG
Batey Isabela.jpg
sunflower painting.JPG
Grandma's chair.JPG
Kenyan hills.jpg
Virgin of Guadelupe.JPG
painting for Jon.JPG