Sisterhood of the Crafting Hands

What is the Sisterhood, and how does it work?

The Sisterhood of the Crafting Hands (get it?) is a weekly gathering in my studio of female-identifying folks who value making things in community, and having meaningful conversations. Or working quietly in a group. Does that describe you? You’re welcome to join us!

How it works:

Each week, you can:

  • bring your own project to work on, and just pay the $10 base fee.

  • join me in the project I’m doing, for an additional materials fee (posted in the studio, and in weekly reminder emails; contact me to be added to the list:

  • add some of my stash to what you brought, and/or use my tools, and pay a little something for the opportunity.

Frequently asked questions, plus some that I made up myself:

Who are the Sisterhood gatherings for?
You! And that itch you have to work with your hands more often. Plus your friends who are looking for stress relief and soul care. Female-identifying folks craving the company of other women. People who agree that we need more beauty in the world, and more togetherness.

Can kids come?
Teens, yes.
Younger kids, well, no. This is soul time for the mamas. As a mother of two and a former school teacher, I think doing art with kids is fantastic, but it’s not a substitute for grown women making their own art. Doing art with kids is a beautiful form of care-giving. Making your own art (without being distracted monitoring the little ones) is a different thing entirely, and that's the goal here.

Do I have to be an “artist” to come?
No. (There’s a longer conversation there, but I’ll skip it for now.)
Beginners are very much welcome. If you’re afraid of/freaked out/intimidated by the prospect of making art, you are most definitely welcome! If the concepts of “play” and “art” cannot coexist for you right now, that’s ok. I love helping people gently sort through and discard their creative baggage, because I’ve had every single type there is. I kind of feel like it’s my superpower, to dispel creative anxiety in others. We’re about exploring new things in an extremely safe space. All support, no competition.

When is it?
Every Thursday afternoon from 3:30 - 6:00 pm. Check the calendar just to be sure, or ask to be added to my Sisterhood email list. (Email me:

Do I have to come every time?
Absolutely not. But I hope you’ll want to come regularly, and then invite your friends. ;)

Is it too late to start? Did I miss the bonding already? Will I feel like an outsider, because everyone knows each other?
No, no, and no. You are welcome to start anytime! We can’t wait to meet you.

How much does it cost?
There’s a base fee of $10 per person, which keeps the tea flowing and motivates me to tidy up before your arrival.
— When you bring your own project and the materials you need, then that $10 is all you pay!
— If you want to join me in whatever I’m making, there will be additional materials fee (between $5 - $25, depending on the project). I’ll post it in the studio and in the reminder emails.
— If you end up using some of my plentiful tools and materials for something else (say, to add to the project you brought), then you’ll contribute a few bucks for the use, and for the convenience.

Where do we meet?
In my cozy, natural light-filled backyard studio. I can’t wait for you to see it and feel the magic! :) See pictures and more studio info here.

I meant, What’s the address?
Oh, right: Just half a block north of Alberta Street, in the very vibrant Alberta Arts District of Portland. That means you’re perfectly situated to go out for drinks or a meal, before or afterward. See the calendar listings for the exact info.

How do I sign up? Can I just drop in unannounced?
Please let me know you’re coming! You can register and pay online (for the base fee only; you’ll pay any materials fee when you get here), which is your RSVP. If you’re serious about giving yourself dedicated art time, why not go purchase 3 or 4 sessions in advance? Commit to it. If you’re like me, paying and putting it on the calendar makes it happen.

Even if you’re a “regular,” drop me a quick email or text to let me know you’ll be here. I like to be mentally prepared for who and how many, and make sure the space is ready. Thanks for understanding.

What kind of payments do you accept in person?
You can pay in cash, Venmo, or credit card. (I’ll take personal checks from people I know well.)

Is your studio available other times, for private art parties or to rent workspace?
Yes, and yes. For info about setting up a mosaic night, let’s say, or a painting party for you and a handful of girlfriends (with wine, of course), look here.
Want to rent my studio space for a one-day project, or for a few hours each week? Let’s talk!

Can I forward this info to my friends?
Absolutely! And thank you. Word-of-mouth is my favorite way to grow this community.