The Power of Daily Doodles

Doodling has been my main daily art practice since about 2015. Simply stated, it helps me process the world around me and inside me. I call that mental health and self-care. Often, my doodles spur action and new ideas, so I also call it creativity.

Side-effects include:
1) Opportunities to test new color palettes, experiment with composition and lettering styles, and gain fluency with a variety of shapes and motifs.
2) Frequent rumblings with my inner critic, making his sting a little easier to ignore over time.

Enjoy this sampling from the many journals I’ve filled up. Sometimes I use colored pencils when I’m done with the pen. Sometimes I don’t. Some days I just feel like coloring the doodles I made on other days, instead of making new ones. See, that’s the thing about doodling: There are no rules, no have-to’s. It’s a beautiful, whimsical way to contemplate, emote, brainstorm, and heal, all while sharpening your art skills.

Check the Calendar page to sign up for a Doodling as Self-Care class, and take a look at these videos I made about the magic of doodling.