Class Descriptions 

I’m excited to announce the completion of my beautiful backyard studio here in NE Portland’s Alberta Arts District! Yippee! Can’t wait to welcome you into this creative space.

As a Jill-of-all-trades type of artist, I offer a variety of workshops all with the same goal: to pull back the curtain and make art accessible to anyone with the interest and willingness to try. Check the Events page to see what’s coming up, or send me a message to tell me what you’re interested in exploring.

Here are descriptions and photos of a few things I love to teach:

Mosaic Basics

Garden stepping stones are the perfect first project for mosaic newbies. You’ll learn how to break tiles (stress release!), mix adhesive mortar, create simple, effective designs, and stick on your pieces. On the 2nd day you’ll experience the tactile, playing-in-the-mud-like process of grouting. And voilá: a sparkling ornament for your home or yard. Oh yeah — once you start, it’s hard to stop mosaicking. #happyaddiction

Painting Possibilities

Acrylic paints are versatile and forgiving. They’re a great medium for experimenting with color mixing, texture, layering, and incorporating collage into your work. When we get deeper in, we’ll talk about the paint’s transparency/opaqueness, how to mix the color you want, what makes a balanced composition, and so much more. #geekoutonpainting

Doodling as Self-Care

Yes, I’m making this a real thing. I started doodling regularly about four years ago, after watching a video that demystified it for me. I’d always wondered how people came up with those elaborate designs, just spilling out of their heads? Turns out it’s not only simple to do, but can lead to some real left-brain + right-brain connectivity and clarity. Plus, if you’re looking to start a daily art practice, nothing is more achievable and portable than doodling! #doodlevangelist

Collage for Absolutely Everyone

Don’t like to draw? Afraid of painting? There is no excuse in the world to keep you from sticking papers onto other papers to create art. But believe me, it’s way more fun than that sounds. Especially when we add do-dads like candy wrappers, foreign language newspapers, buttons, rubber stamps, glitter, sheet music, maps, dictionary pages, and so on and so on, forever amen. #thepossibilitiesareendless

Faces & Figures: Small Sculptures using Found Objects

Art materials are everywhere, once you stretch your definition and start noticing them. We’ll use my curated collection of odds and ends, and fashion them into whimsical creatures. Learning to see possibility in practically everything (“what else could this be used for?”) is a skill that can serve us in many arenas. This one is purely for the joy of it.