Sisterhood of the Crafting Hands -- August 4th, 5pm

Sisterhood of the Crafting Hands -- August 4th, 5pm


Sunday, August 4th
5:00 - 7:30 pm
All Hands Art Studio
5120 NE 24th Ave, Portland

We are women motivated to gather with other women and use our hands. It’s as simple as that. Kinda like our great-grandmothers might have done, back in the day.

Bring a craft project you’re working on, because you know you have one! Knitting? Sure! Last year’s vacation scrapbook? Why not. A half-finished painting? No problem.

Don’t have a project, or forgot to bring one, or not ready to unearth it from the bottom of the back closet? Join in whatever Pam is making that day, for an additional materials fee ($5 - $20, depending on what it is, to be paid during the session). She’ll get you started with the basic instruction you need.

Can’t stay the whole 2.5 hours? No problem! Your $5 investment will be worth whatever portion you can attend, I’m sure you’ll agree. ;)

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We meet weekly in Pam’s airy, natural light-filled studio, and we make stuff, and we chat about things, and sometimes we’re silent. There’s music (if we want it). There’s always tea. Most likely, there’s something to nibble on.

We listen. We ask questions. We share ideas (and snacks). We are responsible for the energy we bring into the room. We lift each other up. :)

It’s a small thing, this gathering, but the implications are huge. There’s power and energy to be harnessed when we join together and support each other.

Let’s see what happens.

Email Pam with any questions:

**Note that this is not intended as an art critique group (although if you want feedback on your work, feel free to ask). Also, please don’t come with the express intention of selling your product or service to the group. Thanks for understanding.