Art Parties

Customize your event, from birthdays to team-building.

You want to throw a mellow-but-awesome party for your bestie's 50th birthday or wedding shower or baby's arrival.
Your company is committed to innovation, and you’re searching for team-building ideas.
Your family reunion could use a dose of playful creativity.

All Hands Art has got you covered! Schedule an art party at your place or in my well-equipped studio (for groups up to 10). We'll collaborate to design a relaxed and playful event that celebrates making and togetherness.


I believe in transparency and fairness. That means you get a reasonable price that makes sense, and I get compensation for my efforts, expertise, and material costs at a rate that makes my business sustainable.

Fees through Summer 2019 for Private Art Parties and Classes at All Hands Art Studio
Base rate = $175 for a 2 - 2.5 hour art session + a per-person materials fee.
Materials fees vary according to the activity, as shown below.
Drawing, doodling = $10 per person
Watercolor, found-object sculptures, greeting card-making = $15 per person
Acrylic painting, jewelry-making = $20 per person
Mosaic = $30 per person
(includes grouting done by me after the event; items available for pick-up 2 days later)

This pricing structure also applies to private and semi-private or small-group lessons.

1) Your 2.5-hour private painting lesson = $175 + $20, or $195 per session. For you and a friend, it’s $175 + $40, or $215; each person pays $107.50.
2) Your group of 6 making mosaics (stepping stones are a great beginner project) = $175 + (6 x $30) = $355 total, or $59 per person. Hey, that’s a great deal!
3) You and 3 friends come make greeting cards together. That’s $175 + (4 x $15) = $235, or $59 per person again.
4) Your department bonds through imagination-enhancing doodling. There are 10 of you, so that’s $175 + (10 x $10) = $275, or merely $27.5 each!

You get the idea. :)

*** Do you work to support the African-American or Native American community in Portland? Contact me for info about receiving art workshops for free. No kidding. It’s a small thing I can do to help. #timeforreparations #artheals

Oh, and did you hear about my superpower?

Don't worry if your people are full of creative anxiety. Those are my people—I used to be one of them. I get it, and I know how to get past it. It’s kinda my superpower: disarming the artistically skeptical and the creatively insecure. Believe me, they’ll find their groove in no time.

Over the past 10 years I’ve led more than 5,000 beginning-level artists in community mural projects, classroom art exercises, and studio workshops. Whether yours is a group of three or 300, I’m ready to get you busy making.

Check out the photos below for ideas. There’s a form down there at the bottom to make it easy to reach out and get the ball rolling!

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