Art Parties

Connect, use your hands, have fun. It's a three-fer.

Your company is committed to innovation and team-building. You're looking for kick-ass party ideas for your bestie's 50th birthday or wedding shower or baby's arrival. Your family reunion could use a dose of playful creativity.

All Hands Art has got you covered! Schedule an art party at your place or ours. We'll work together to design a relaxed and playful event that celebrates making and each other.

Don't worry if your people are full of creative anxiety. Pam, All Hands Art's founder, is known for her gentle approach and success getting all kinds of folks (young and old, accountants to therapists) to loosen up around art materials. When the atmosphere is welcoming and experimental, the juices flow and the magic starts. Tensions melt. A little smile breaks out and you realize, "I've been waiting for this!"

In the past 10 years Pam has led more than 5,000 beginning-level artists in community mural projects, classroom art exercises, and studio workshops. Whether yours is a group of three or 300, All Hands Art is ready for you.

Check out the photos below for ideas. Then reach out to get the ball rolling!

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