“What the heck is this??” you might be asking. What’s an AirBNB Experience??

This is a new outreach channel I’m testing, in order to reach more people with the love and magic of art-making.

(If you’re not seeing a photo and calendar displayed above, try hitting your “refresh” button. It seems to take a moment to load.)

You might have heard that AirBNB offers not only lodging options, but local secret stuff to do, too—activities that are off the beaten path, led by experts and those in-the-know. And they’re not just for visitors to Portland! Grab a few friends, book a date, and let’s Put a Bird On It together. :)

Note that workshop registrations from this page will be processed through AirBNB. (Yes, they receive 20% for their efforts.)

And sorry that this page looks so clunky. It’s all I can figure out to do with the html code they provided for my website! ;-/